StoryPatch in Grade One

photo (1)The iPad app “StoryPatch” is an excellent way for students to practice story writing and reading skills. Grade one at Stockholm International School have been using this app recently and the students have had great fun being creative. Their are two ways to create stories within the app. One option is to write your own story and the other is to choose responses from various multiple choice menus that help to generate a unique story depending on the responses chosen. We have been making use of the second method.




iPads in Preschool

We have been having lots of fun with iPads in our preschool class. The children spent some time alternating between three work stations and enjoyed the different challenges from each activity.

The focus of the activities was to replicate a drawing digitally, create an avatar and play maths games. It was excellent to see the focus and concentration that our young learners displayed during each activity. Using technology when appropriate is a great way to increase engagement at this age level and it will be exciting to make plans for future sessions such as these over the coming months and next school year.

It is fascinating to see the level of independence that students show, and even though an adult was present at each station, students worked on their own for the most part to solve the problems presented to them.

Thanks to Jeanna Fergusson and Lise Butler for taking the initiative!

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