StoryPatch in Grade One

photo (1)The iPad app “StoryPatch” is an excellent way for students to practice story writing and reading skills. Grade one at Stockholm International School have been using this app recently and the students have had great fun being creative. Their are two ways to create stories within the app. One option is to write your own story and the other is to choose responses from various multiple choice menus that help to generate a unique story depending on the responses chosen. We have been making use of the second method.



Both methods have benefits, as the first option allows students to practice writing skills and spelling, whereas the second option promotes reading skills. The way in which reading ability can be monitored within this app is excellent for young learners, as students can choose appropriate images to add to the text on each page. We focused on the creation of digital images on each page to show the level understanding of the text. Students were encouraged to make their images as relevant as possible to the text, therefore showing how clearly they have understood the meaning of each page of the story.

Working in pairs provided further scope for learning. Paired reading took place and students showed excellent sharing and cooperation skills when completing the task. It was fantastic to see the interaction between students and the enjoyment they took from annotating the stories.

Well done grade one!

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