Google Classroom: Guardian Notifications

Previously in Google Classroom it was only possible to communicate with students. With a recent update, turning on “Guardian Email Summaries” allows parents to receive information about what is happening in class.

By adding parent email addresses to the student class list within Classroom, parents can choose the level of communication from the class they receive. They can receive daily or weekly updates about class work. All communication received by parents is automatically sent through Google Classroom to give updates what assignments are due and states whether their child has submitted an assignment or not… all without the teacher having to send one email!

Do turn on this feature:

  • Go to Google Classroom
  • Select the class you would like to try it with
  • Click on “Students” from the menu bar
  • Toggle on “Guardian Email Summaries”
  • Enter the parent email next to each student’s name

If you are interested in using this feature or if you have not started Classroom yet but would like to, then drop by the tech bar!

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